Play Roulette Live Online – The Best Live Gaming Venues Revealed!

Play Roulette Live Online – The Best Live Gaming Venues Revealed!

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Play Roulette Live Online For a Different Experience!

Roulette has been around for centuries, but never at this level of entertainment and convenience. Now you can utilise the power of technology to roll the dice anywhere and anytime! Play roulette live online for an immersive modern experience like no other. In this guide, you will learn about the basics of roulette and how to create the best chances for success.

You might be a fan of card games more or love the simplicity of slots. However, nothing beats the adrenaline of roulette. The ‘little wheel’ was created in France more than two centuries ago but is still loved by thousands of players today.

Now you can play the game online on lots of different casino websites. Finding the right one for you is tricky, considering there is more than one version! With multiple ways of betting, the rush as the ball spins around the table is immense.

Why Play Roulette Live Online?

If you don’t fancy the long walk down to your local casino, see here for the next best thing. Sometimes other commitments get in the way and we completely understand. Maybe you just like the convenience of playing at home.

In the past, when the internet took the world by storm, people would spend hours crouched in front of a small desktop. However, now you can even play on the go through your mobile. The experience has advanced another level when you play roulette live online.

The ability to use technology and play against a dealer in a live casino is unmatchable. Thanks to webcast devices and video capabilities like Skype, you can communicate with the dealer without moving in an inch! Perfection personified!

Origins of Roulette

As stated before, created in France roulette has changed over time, but only so slightly. Used to entertain royal French kings, it’s now used in casinos around the world. The big wheel is handled by a croupier who drops the ball as the wheel spins. There is elaborate scams that have been unearthed designed to try and beat the now classic game.

You can bet on an outside number or inside numbers, depending on how brave you feel. Placing bets on multiple numbers has its obvious advantages and disadvantages. You can spread the bet to win big sums, but also risk losing it all.


Many players love to spread the odds by betting on red or black, with a 50/50 chance of success. You can also bet on odd or even numbers, numbers on the outside of the wheel or inside, which is less likely to succeed.

Different Types of Roulette

For that added edge, there are now two common types of roulette tables. To play roulette live online in Europe, the majority of online casinos use the traditional table. As well as going up to 26 numbers, you also have the chance of landing on zero. If it lands on this number, all bets lose except if you pick that one.

Fortune favours the brave as they say. Even more so in the U.S, where their version has a double zero too. Double the chances of failure, for the added risk. Nevertheless, if you bet on that you can win even more money!

Playing live takes online gaming to another level. You can pick different camera angles, place your bets by calling as the wheel goes around and even have some banter with the dealer.

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